We build eCommerce stores, Mobile Apps and Saas Applications



We develop Progressive Web Apps (PWA), or hybrid apps or custom native apps.


Product Design

From branding to full UX/UI Design. We got you fully covered.


QA & Maintenance

We provide monitor and maintenance package for web & mobile apps.


—  We have for dedicated team for main web and mobile code stacks

Our back-end developers are experts in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and SQL, as well as frameworks like Django and Laravel, while our front-end designers know their way around JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.

An idea is only as good as its execution. Make things happen today with FilGap

—   you’re building not just for today – but for the future!

Our experienced team of developers and technologists create exceptional experiences and can infuse creative energy into any project stage; design, development, reconfiguration or updates.

We build custom Web & Mobile Apps

—   We usually build MVP's with HTML5, CSS Angular or Reactjs

Building an MVP helps prevent your initial product from becoming cluttered with unwanted and unneeded features.You will be able to start using the product for its core purpose right away, and won't abandon the app because it's too fussy or complicated.


We love to ship products 🚀

Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. We help forward-thinking clients succeed in digital culture. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories.

Case Studies

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